Christophe Madamour

Christophe Madamour


Christophe Madamour discovered his passion for photography at an early age. He already had started taking photographs when he was only 11 years old. So it isn't surprising that he begin his career as a free lancer with the Gamma agency when he was just 18. He went on to work with many famous photographers of the 1980s. In 1993, he won the European Prize for Artistic Photography (Polaroid), for his research and his work on the discovery and use of Polaroid film.

His specialities include still life photography, food, perfumes, packaging, cosmetics, textiles and interiors. His work has appeared in major advertising campaigns and in top fashion and interior magazines. Everything that Christophe does has his trademark look of naturalness. He loves to shoot in natural light and capture the true quality of his subject.

Today, the 52 year-old photographer is based in Paris, but often travels to locations around the world. He has shot famous interiors from the Ritz in Paris to the fabulous homes and hotels on St. Barth. One of his recent projects involved fashion designer Jeanne Lanvin and resulted in a book published by Rizzoli, NY.

His compositions exude light, with luminous colours and an exquisite attention to detail. He composes each shot, with the dedication of a poet writing a new poem or a painter approaching his canvas. For Christophe Madamour beauty is in everything and his passion is to discover and capture it.

Christophe Madamour
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