Ein Zuhause zum Bleiben

Ein Zuhause zum Bleiben

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Rumour has it that Riv Ahearne has finally lost her itchy feet, because after four house moves in seven years, she has finally found her penultimate dream. 'I am not sure if all my friends will believe it, ' she smiles. 'It's the gypsy in me that has given rise to my fickle reputation. But seriously this has to be the best house ever. It would be impossible to imagine falling out of love with it or finding anything better.’ Judging by the perfect symmetry of its Georgian facade and distinguished period front door opening into a generous oak panelled hall and linked to an upstairs sitting room by a graceful sweep of stairs, it is easy to see how this stunning home would have lasting appeal. Riv says she used to sit in the coffee shop opposite, sipping her cappuccino and thinking 'what a lovely house it was, overlooking a peaceful leafy square in the middle of a sleepy market town. I never thought one day it could become ours.' Being such a sought after property, the house never came on the open market but a set of happy coincidences and clandestine chats secured a deal and the Ahearne family moved in in time for Christmas.

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