Cornische Weihnachten

Cornische Weihnachten

Feature 13595247 | © living4media / Eltes, Polly | 44 Bilder

Combining colours and patterns comes naturally to Sophie Harding. The artist Illustrator and textile designer is a dab hand at mixing it up so that her terraced house in Penzance has a vibrant relaxed and welcoming vibe. And never more so than at Christmas when the place is positively groaning with piles of presents has a vibrant relaxed and welcoming vibe. And never more so than at Christmas strings of cards and home-made decorations piled onto the cutest little tree. 'I really don't try too hard to coordinate says Sophie. 'There's no great rhyme or reason to the way I put things together - it's just how I feel at the time. At Christmas I get out my box of decorations that I've collected over the years - some that I've made some given to me by friends and a few that I've bought - and I go for a mixture of everything that I like. It brings the house alive.

Feature-Nr.: 13595247
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Stylist: Katherine Sorrell
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